Dear Diary,


Should I be kind and tell you what my new Daddy likes to do? Or should I be a good girl and take those secrets to my grave. I mean, imagine if anyone were to find this diary, that would be mortifying. Worse yet, I don’t think Aviator Daddy would ever speak to me again.


Then again, we’re friends right? Friends keep each other’s secrets.


It always starts out slowly. We have dinner and discuss the events of the day. Then he finds an excuse for us to go back to his apartment—he’s never straightforward. Once we’re inside all pretense falls away. Sometimes he ties me up, sometimes he makes me suck his cock until I gag on his cum. Usually, he spanks me and makes me ask for more. He always says the same thing—“If you’re a good girl you’ll get more tomorrow.” I wonder if he heard that in a movie or something.


Maybe I’m growing up and growing out of kinky sex, because I’m beginning to find S&M less exciting. I look forward to going through his record collection or discussing the differences between the original Italian and current translations of the classics. It could be that as my body grows accustomed to stimulation—my mind craves more variety.


If he wants to keep me he’ll have to engage with my brain as well as my body.


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