Submissive Honey


Dear Diary,


I haven’t been someone’s plaything in a while.


Again, I went to another party with the promoter. This one was much more chill, although the girls still looked like they could be anywhere from 16 to 24...I wonder how I looked to them. Oh well, again, that is not the point. I met a new daddy.


Apart of me hates that word. It’s super creepy and I call my own dad Daddy...but Italian aviator likes it, and what he wants he gets. In this case, I guess that’s me. It’s so obvious now but I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming.


First of all, he had the promoter introduce us. I figured he just wanted someone to practice his English on. Then he started fumbling with his words and I thought that was adorable until he said, “You know, we should go out sometime” perfectly and with, almost, an American accent. I nearly spit out my drink.


“What? You speak English? I thought you were just practicing with me?!”


He shrugged and kept staring at me and I realized I hadn’t answered his question. It was all so adorable and sweet—he seemed so shy. Until I said “Yes.”



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