WHAT IS DIE HAPPY TONIGHT? Die Happy Tonight (DHT) is a New York City based nightlife design company and the creators of Rosewood Theater. Our private membership club provides access to our world of liberating social experiences in New York City and throughout the world.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT AT A DIE HAPPY EVENT?  Each event varies, however, we always have an atmosphere that is sexy and sophisticated, yet, social and relaxed.

WHAT MAKES YOUR EVENTS DIFFERENT? We put women in charge at our events and empower them while providing opportunities to become financially independent. DHT events are hosted by premier hospitality venues, exotic locations and amazing people across the globe. Our events are fun and liberating.

WHO ATTENDS YOUR EXPERIENCES? Vetted adults looking to escape reality and responsibility. 

HOW DO I LEARN ABOUT EVENTS? Our weekly emails. Members may also text our concierge.

IS THERE ADMISSION? Members are complimentary or reduced, while guests pay an admission that varies.

IS THERE NUDITY AT YOUR EVENTS? Our lap dance events allow for ladies to wear lingerie or to go topless. Our social events do not allow nudity. Men, keep your clothes on - we do not host those types of events.

ARE YOUR EVENTS COUPLE FRIENDLY? Absolutely. We take great pride in providing an atmosphere that's comfortable for both men and women alike.

MAY I BRING GUESTS? Yes. Die Happy is best enjoyed with good company. You are responsible for your guests at all times.

DOOR POLICY. You must have an invite or be with someone who has an invite for entry into our events. Absolutely no exceptions. Even with an invite, your entry is at the discretion of our door person.

DRESS CODE. Business, business casual, hip casual, over the top nightclub fabulous and cocktail attire is most appropriate. No street or gym wear and baseball caps. Shorts allowed during the summer. What's most important to us is that you present yourself as a gentleman or lady and have a positive attitude.

PRIVACY. Privacy and discretion is paramount for our members and guests. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone. Absolutely no picture taking, social media or press is permitted at any of our experiences. Any photos or videos will be confiscated.

I LOST SOMETHING. You must contact the venue you lost it at.  If one of our clubhouses, please email or text us.  We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. We highly suggest you keep any valuable items at home. Never leave any items unattended.

I TEXTED THE CONCIERGE AND DIDN’T RECEIVE A REPLY. You either texted after hours (we typically reply between 5pm and 1:30am) or asked a less than intelligent question.


All guests must act like a gentleman or lady at all times. Be respectful of staff, entertainers and fellow guests. Sex, drugs, fighting, harassment of any kind, theft, full-nudity, solicitation, heavy touching, drama and any illegal activity is strictly prohibited. Women are in charge. Women approach men, men do not approach women. Anyone not following our Code of Conduct will be asked to leave immediately. All members and guests are required to be 21 years in age or older and present a valid ID to enter event.


WHAT IS MEMBERSHIP? Die Happy Tonight membership has been designed for discerning men and stunning women with an appetite for adventure. As a member, you will be granted unparalleled access to our private events, curated experiences, member-only clubhouses and our beautiful community.

HOW DOES MEMBERSHIP WORK?  Membership is not required to attend our regular, weekly events. We are currently accepting members for New York City. Once you become a member, you will be added to our member email list for 12-months from date of purchase. Our members email provides details of a variety of events and services not available to guests. All members go through a probation period and meet with management to ensure the utmost quality experience at our events.

WHO ARE MEMBERS? Members are leaders, risk takers, thrill-seekers and explorers. Members enjoy new places, new people, new experiences, and for those of us who have been privileged enough to have been saturated with great stuff, more of the same.

HOW MUCH DOES MEMBERSHIP COST? Membership is $1,200 annually.  We have premium and ultra premium membership levels for those looking for white glove member services that provides access to services off our member menu.

TELL ME ABOUT MEMBER CLUBHOUSES. They are lofts and penthouses hidden throughout the City. Clubhouses host to members only. Members may rent our clubhouses for their very own DHT themed events for two to 100 guests. Contact our concierge if you would like us to plan a special evening for you at one of our clubhouses.

HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER? You may purchase membership at

WHY SHOULD I BECOME A MEMBER? You're interested in new experiences with new people.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP? Members and their guests never pay a cover at Rosewood Theater and have access to our Member's Lounge. Members receive priority and discounted ticketing at our pop-up and clubhouse events. Have direct access to our concierge who can facilitate private event planning and group reservations.  Priority reservations and seating over non-members. Consideration for higher tiered “Wolf Member” membership level.

AM I MEMBER IF I'M ON YOUR EMAIL LIST? Invited men and women may join our general email list and attend events as a guest. You're only a member if you've paid for membership.

CAN I ATTEND YOUR EVENTS WITHOUT BEING A MEMBER? Yes. Our regular events are open to those on our email list and their guests. If you receive an invite, you're invited.

WHAT CAN EVE DO FOR ME? All members have access to Eve, our concierge, for basic inquiries and event planning.  Text Eve to make group reservations, plan a special night out and learn more about the benefits of membership.

I WANT MORE THAN WHAT GENERAL MEMBERSHIP OFFERS. We have made available a very limited number of elevated memberships for those who have lived a life saturated with amazing experiences, and desire more of the same. We develop an intimate understanding of our elite members’ preferences and needs and strategically collaborate to help them fulfill their lifestyle goals. To inquire, email

WHY ARE SOME EVENTS MEMBER ONLY? We believe that it's the people that make the party and that having an enjoyable experience starts with having guests of a certain caliber. Vetting guests through membership allows us to create an elevated experience and push the envelope just a little bit further.

YOU HAVE MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. IS IT SAFE? Your credit card info is stored directly to Wave which follows PCI Security Standards.


I WANT TO MAKE MONEY AT YOUR EVENTS.  We are always looking for stunning women (models) to attend our events as guests. As a guest or member of our events, you are not being employed by Die Happy Tonight or the host venue. You will have the opportunity to receive gratuity from members who attend our events for your time and attention. We pride ourselves in providing a safe, professional and fun environment that empowers women and provides them with opportunities to become independent. The only requirements that we have for our model guests is that they follow our Code of Conduct (listed above), be over 21 years in age and have a valid ID. To learn more about attending our events as a model member, please email

I WANT TO PERFORM AT YOUR EVENTS.  If you're a live musical act or band, theater act, DJ, burlesque performer, dominatrix, etc. please send your information to for consideration to be added to our talent roster.

LIFESTYLE BRANDS, EVENT PRODUCERS & PROMOTERS. If you're looking to reach our audience in a creative way, collaborate on a new or existing event or hire us or one of private event spaces for your own private event, please send a proposal to and management will schedule a call or a time to meet with you at our office.