A better way to come to an arrangement.

Sugar Socials are high-end dinner and/or cocktail parties that connect generous gentlemen with stunning women looking for a sugar daddy. Curated by Die Happy Tonight, Sugar Socials are relaxed, private and social experiences hosted by some of New York Cities finest restaurants and lounges.

If you’re looking to skip the online crapshoot to make a real world connection with an adventurous soul, this is your place.


How does this event work?

It’s a invite-only cocktail and/or dinner party where we connect vetted women and gentlemen looking to meet for a mutually beneficial relationship. Upon arrival, our host will bring you to the bar and introduce you to anyone of interest. Once you discover someone (or two) of interest, it would be natural to ask them to join you for dinner. From dinner, exchange contact info or keep the party going and join us at Rosewood Theater after.

What are the benefits of attending?

Trying to meet someone online is time consuming and rarely leads to a successful date. Meeting a group of vetted men/women speeds up the process and you can go directly into dinner/drinks without all the back and forth.

When are these events?

We typically host them two to four times a month on a Wednesday. Details are emailed in our weekly newsletter.

Am I pressured to purchase drinks or dinner?

Absolutely not. However, this is a cocktail/dinner party and the women attending have an expectation of meeting a gentleman over drinks or dinner.

How much should I expect to spend?

Women should never pay for a drink or dinner on a date and the same goes for our Sugar Socials. Gentleman can expect to spend $50 to $100 on cocktails and $150 to $300 on dinner for two. It’s important to note that this event is for successful and generous men only. If you’re fortunate enough to have a women interested in joining you for a drink or dinner, you should pay for it.

What are the women looking for in a sugar daddy?

Everyone is different. Most will want a generous gentleman to show them all the magic life has to offer.

Are drinks for free?

No. It’s a cash bar.

Is dinner for free?

No. You pay for your dinner.

If I ask a lady to join me for dinner, do I pay for her dinner?


Is dinner required.

Dinner is not required unless you made a dinner reservation or if the event is limited to dinner guests only - i.e. strictly a dinner party.

How many girls to guys?

We have slightly more girls than guys. Typically 15 girls to every 11 guys.

What do I do if I meet a girl I like?

You ask her to join you for dinner or drinks.

I meet a girl/guy and hit it off with her, now what?

You ask them to dinner/drinks. You may also exchange contact information or leave the event. Rosewood Theater makes for a fun after party.

What can I do after the Sugar Social?

All hostesses and most ladies will attend Rosewood Theater after each Sugar Social. We provide SUV transportation for them and if there is room, you may join them.

What do I do if I don’t meet a girl/guy I like?

That’s unfortunate and a rare case. We suggest letting hostess know if there is something or someone particular you’re looking for and we will do our best to provide at our next Sugar Social.

Is this a private event?

Yes. It’s invite only for both men and women.

Will someone be there to make introductions?

Yes. Our hostess(es) will be available to help you meet anyone of interest. Our hostesses will be wearing a black wristband. Simply ask them to make an introduction.

What do I do if the girl/guy I like is speaking with another person?

You make eye contact with her/him, respectfully show interest from a distance and cross your fingers they become free. You may also let a hostess know you have interest in a particular someone and they will assist with making an introduction.