Nowhere special.

I’m standing in the middle of a crowd, in the center of a room, in the basement of this old brick building. It smells of warm bodies, spilled rum-cokes, and dust floating off the old subwoofer. I am nowhere special, with no one extraordinary, but I am reminded of this summer past. This melodic techno mixed with the taste of liquor and sweat in the air, transports me, and I am back in Lisbon. In the dingy basement of a club too big. The whole time my eyes closed, body moved, and a hand caressing me. It was hours before, when we took the MDMA. On the rooftop in the warm wet air, we unwrapped the little plastic bag, dropped it into our drinks and floated through the club like we were in water. These strangers but a few days ago have become my family in what has turned into a 3 day binge of rum, weed, sex, and sleepless nights. Feeling the pulse in our chest, we swear the music is inside us, like the dj is fucking us with their sounds. She knew exactly what she was doing. The seductress of the crowd, I felt her as I moved through the wet sensations beneath my skirt. There was no shift in time, the world seemed still and quiet, a contrast against the wild movements, the strobing colors, and the pounding bass. My eyes closed for what seemed like but a minute and opened to a blinding light in the corner. The spotlight stung my dilated pupils. We carefully look from behind our shielded eyes to see the doors have opened and the sun has risen. I open my eyes again, to find myself in a dark basement, nowhere special, with no one extraordinary, so I go to the roof to be with the rising sun again.

Eve Lemeur1 Comment