Sugar daddy to Darling.

He’s in Europe right now….and I miss him. I didn’t think I would, but it happened. Sugar daddy to darling. He wants to bring me with him next time, he wants to adorn me with gifts, and symbols of love. He wants to take me away and make me come, to him, on my knees, but it’s often the other way around. He is my piece of unreality. An escape from work, from school, from monotony, from bad dates, and sour attitudes. As wonderful as New York is, as proud I am of my work, my successes, my studies, I, too, can become callused. I can lose sight of the lightness of life. Absorbed into the rush of the city; there is only so much adrenaline one can handle. Sugar daddy darling takes that twinge away, relieves my sore skin, and rejuvenates my soul. Childlike wonder with him compliments the steady financial support he offers. It is a symbiotic relationship, both receiving the intrinsic value we hold, as well as the playfulness of eros, and the satisfaction of a handful of cash. My sugar daddy darling loves me. I think I’ll keep it that way.

Eve LemeurComment