too much and even more.

I am a dark and stormy kind of girl. I am passionate, wild, tender, honest, vulnerable, and unapologetic. My intensity attracts most, yet few withstand. It can burn, but it is not bad. My emotions and my intensity are nothing I will disguise. They are nothing I can tame. My intensity is the essence of who I am. My love is big, my desires are magnificent. I cannot deny nor diminish them. I must admit, I am not the girl for everyone, I am not the love that placates. My love evolves and shifts, painfully at times, but necessary always. My emotions are invaluable, my passion is my power. I am too much for many, despite my innocence and seduction. I need a man that has the capacity to not only withstand my intensity, but to love it. I need a love that can hold and let be, all of my “too muchness” and encourages me to be even more. I need a man like him. I found him on a swim in the sea, naked in my bed, laying on my lap, flying me to Greece. Found him here.

Eve LemeurComment