Onto him and into the sea.


Have you ever had sex in the ocean? It’s like having a threesome with a stranger you feel you’ve known forever. The waves and the weightlessness...it's like you are being held and moved by another lover. We found an empty beach in the south of the island. Free from witnesses to our mischief, it is our own.  Swimming through little tunnels the massive cliffs create, I turn to find this man in the midst of sun rays, between the drops of water falling upon us. I swim around his legs, caressing his cock as I pass. I hold his body from behind moving my hands down his stomach. I go back under and begin to lick his growing cock as long as I could hold my breath. I surface to find him ravenous, he picks me up and my legs wrap tightly around his waist, I need all of him now. We are surrounded by the turquoise of the sea and my body wants to make her our witness. Closer we become and I feel his growing desire against mine. Slowly moving with the ebb of the water I press myself onto him and into the Sea.


Eve LemeurComment