Mr. Wolf with Rai and Alia

Location: Yotel Hotel, New York City

I met Rai and Alia last night at Rosewood Theater. I wasn’t prepared to do a shoot - I had no camera besides my iPhone and no hotel room booked. Their energy was undeniable and once I mentioned shooting them there was no turning back.

I pulled up my HotelTonight app and booked a room at the closest hotel. We got to my room around 2:30am. They put on some music, turned off the lights and began their private show for me. Alia was very new to this but warmed up quickly with help of her experienced friend Rai. They loved the attention my camera and I gave them. They needed very little direction. Their innocent playfulness and natural beauty had me putting my camera away often. I enjoyed just sitting on the bed watching them dance with each other. The faint lights from the City below lit up the dark room perfectly. Hitting their slender bodies and bright smiles just so. In between shots we talked about their modeling careers - Rai was in the latest Kayne music video and even performed with him on SNL. They also shared how they came upon dancing at Die Happy Tonight events. Their story similar to many of the Die Happy Tonight models I’ve spoken with before. They heard through a friend and had a desire to explore their sexuality. We ordered in an early breakfast and said our goodbyes. Today’s going to be a good day.


Part art piece, part expose, the “Mr. Wolf” photo series captures the intimate moments of Die Happy Tonight models - after the party. Shot by Die Happy Tonight’s Founder. To sponsor a shoot, click here.