A New Friend

Dear Diary,

 I don’t even know where to start...but...I guess I’ll try.

 So, to start, it was a slow night at the club and I low key wished I had stayed home to write. For a while it seemed like I would have made more money freelance editing than stripping for the kind gentlemen who pay me so well. But right when I was about to check my phone for the thousandth time that night (knowing full well most of my friends back home are asleep) a group of guys walk in, not many, just three dudes. Actually, there were four but the forth one was swept away as soon as he walked in.

 Anyways, they seemed more interested in talking to each other than the girls who sat beside them, so I kept to myself while keeping my eyes on the door (I am so over spending the night talking to finance bros who don’t “pay for conversation”). But, one of them kept looking over at me—lowkey, he was staring. Eventually one of the girls came over to me and said, “My friend thinks you’re pretty if you want to come sit with us.” And I was surprised, not only because he wanted this girl to introduce me, but also because she called him her “friend.”

 I said, “Oh, that’s your friend? I assumed he was just a customer or—”

“I know.” She cut me off and that’s where our conversation ended.

But when I finally got to their table...it was hella awkward. Number one, she (the girl, I think her name was Jessi) sat next to the guy who was staring at me, so I sat next to someone else in their group, Carl.

 Carl offered me champagne three times within fifteen minutes, even though I told him I didn’t feel like drinking the first two times. He repeatedly looked over at the guy who was staring at me, like he was afraid of him or something. Eventually Carl stops talking to me all together and says, “Hey Mickey, come switch places with me.”

 “Mickey”, the one who had invited me over in the first place, says— “Okay” like he had been waiting for Carl to say that all night.

 Oh crap...someone’s at the door. I guess I have to finish this story later, but I will say...there’s a reason I’m in Dubai right now.

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