Too Lazy To Work


Dear Diary,

 I had an argument with my mom today.

 She doesn’t get it. She really doesn’t get it. She had everything handed to her. She’s always lived in the same area of the world. She literally has done everything society expected of her—she’s never had to work for anything. And she called me lazy.

 I was complaining about the cost of living in New York and she told me I just need to work harder. True, so I said,

 “I know mom, I’m just venting.”

 Then she said, “Well, sweetie—and I say this with love—you need to get over yourself. An Ivy League degree doesn’t guarantee success and your father and I worked very hard to give you the best of everything.” Hold the fucking phone.

 I said, “What’s with the lecture? Am I not allowed to complain?”

 Then she said, “It just seems like you want the best of everything without putting in the effort. Yes, New York is an expensive city, but you choose to live there. Your father and I said you could always live at home until you’ve acquired a bigger savings--” Side note who in the hell voluntarily lives with their parents after college, “and you were the one who chose to go to that expensive school when State would have given you a free ride.”


 Am I wrong for having dreams? Am I stupid for wanting to live outside of my little mid-Western town? Am I lazy for wishing my rent could be paid on the 30k I make as an editor?

 Rather than have the same old argument with her, I said, “Okay mom, I hear you. I love you but I gotta go” and I hung up before she could respond.”

 I was so stressed out I couldn’t edit for hours. But you helped with that Diary, I feel better now.

 Now I need to vape some CBD to take the rest of the anxiety away...maybe with a little THC.

Nuni SnowdenComment