An Open Book.


That is me. Not only in how I express my emotions, how vocal I am with my boundaries...but in my love life too.

Most people look at me with confusion when I share my relationship style with them. Many pull a face of disgust. And a few individuals light up and divulge their own secrets and desires.

I love my lovers and I long for a partner. I do not feel the need to give up either desire to conform to a style acceptable by the mass.

Even though I am an open book,  share my values, and educate the baffled, people still have their own twisted perspective.

I am open, but no, that does NOT mean I will be sleeping with you

Yes, I am open, but that does NOT mean my legs are spread all day (nothing wrong with that either!)

Yes, I am open, but no, that does NOT mean I am immoral, abused, a cheater, or cheated on.

I am an open book. So do your damn studying.

Eve LemeurComment