I grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him. It felt right, there was none of that awkward teeth smashing or weird feeling in the back of my throat because he didn’t try to suffocate me with his tongue. I asked him if he wanted to climb in the back with me, he said we should find a place to park before cars start honking at us for holding up traffic in front of a stop light.


While looking for a place that was just the right level of abandoned, he fingered me and even though he kept his rings on it didn’t hurt one bit. I guess I was already wet by then. He was already hard. I tried to suck his cock, but I couldn’t get the clasp on his belt to come off since my acrylics were an inch long. To compensate I grabbed at him and rubbed him up and down—I asked if I was being too rough and he said, No.


Eventually we do find a place to park, on the side of the highway. The sky was beginning to turn purple, but we still climbed in the back seat. Here’s the thing, I know jack shit about cars, but I do know the fancy ones with barely any seats in the back are not good to fuck in. I could barely straddle him without bumping my head. But I did manage to get his cock out of his pants. Low and behold it was pretty huge, not bigger than Johnny’s but in that ballpark. I think it’s about the same size with a different shape.


He fucked me by turning me around and having me bounce up and down on his lap. I wanted to see his face before I came so I got off of him, and put him in my mouth instead. He started fingering me and we almost came at the same time. Almost. He came first, but he promised to make it up to me next time.


I guess we’ll see about that.



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