New Money


Dear Diary,


Coachella was fun. Me and Karl ended up ditching his friends on the first night. Turns out he had VIP status and they didn’t, they were just along for the ride. I finally got around to asking him what he does for a living.


“It’s like Refinery29 but for weed”, he said, “I sold the company a few years ago but I’m still acting CEO.”


“So, you’re a start-up bro,” I summarized.


He smiled and I can see why his girlfriend doesn’t want to let him go. In addition to being 6’4” with wavy chestnut hair and piercing blue eyes, he has great teeth. Like, seriously, he has a nice smile. He told me he had to get braces when he was little. I told him he should thank his dentist.


Anyway, since he had VIP status that means we got to upgrade to a villa and leave his friends in the tent. One of the rappers he manages (oh, did I forget to mention he’s moving into the music industry to manage artist) has a huge social media following so Raw Papers gave him his own villa and all he had to do was make a post about using their rolling papers. Crazy right? I don’t follow him myself—his real name is Travis, but his stage name is lil Molly or something stupid like that.


Also, it seems like he keeps an apartment in New York and LA (new money indeed). Still, I’m not losing my mind just yet. Number 1—we haven’t had sex and I’m sure he’s expecting it (even though he’s been respectful since we got here). Number 2—he seems like the type to jump from relationship to relationship and that is not the energy I need right now.


I’ll let you know if anything changes after we fuck.




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