Fill my pockets.


“Fill my pockets,” I told my boo. We’ve been involved for a long time and I need him to know exactly how I feel, exactly how I want it. He reaches for his wallet and opens it to show me. The first thing I see is a small wallet photo of my face. One of my first and only gifts to him for being such a generous man. This way he can open his wallet and know exactly who it belongs to. The next thing that caught my eye were the crisp bills lined up. Each printed with the number 100. Each sticking to each other as their new skin sheds, obscuring the true count. But all I needed to know, was that all of that was all mine.

I smiled at him, softly cup his face and told him how much he makes me smile. I kissed him on his lips as he tucked the stack into my waistband. Patting my ass, he turns away to order another martini for his well-paid princess.

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