What's trust?

Where does trust come from? How is it repaired? Once it’s gone, is it lost forever? I have had many lovers, many friends. At times it seems like a ceaseless stream of betrayals, disregards, and overlooks.

At times I can’t help but to think: is it the people who are inherently untrustworthy, or is it I, calling in those to validate my experience, to assure my place in my victimization.

When is there a line drawn from my experience, to the reality of humanity.

If the choice is indeed mine, I will rebuild block by block. I will discard of the crumbled bricks and rotting mortar. I will regain strength with every set laid. I will call in warriors. I am stronger than this. I am resilient and command the respect I desire, and the life I long for.

Eve LemeurComment