A stripper and a shrink.


Life is filled with the moments of mundane monotony. The ordinary magic of life sometimes appears in an eerie compilation of curiosities. When you think that the moments may pass by in an unencumbered melody, you are engaged by a generous stranger.

I was in the corner of the club, on a slow week day. Many things had been on my mind, but nothing of any use. I sat alone, not quite ready to bring my best and don the mask.

I just sat there, phone broken, in my thoughts, feeling the night.

It was amidst my nostalgia I was approached. Approached by a man who seemed too casual to be here. Misreading my quiet as disturbance. He approached me with a folded bill which he placed in my hand. I hope your night gets better, he says as he walks past me.

I look up, a little confused, but grateful. My night wasn’t awful, but I was low, lulled, and lost.

He comes back around and looks at me with kind eyes and a sweet smile.

He approaches again, asks if he can sit by me. I agree and begin to put on my flirtatious mask, my alter ego of seduction. He is unphased by this. So I stop and just talk. No need for anything special. No need for anything more than what I am.

Soon we discover our passions are aligned. Both deeply moved by healing, by the mind, by true transformation. “I’m a shrink” he says. This terminology puts him at about 55-65  years old. His voice gets lower as we begin to talk about past lives, our souls purpose in certain experiences, even though at times those experiences hurt us.

It is all about the lesson he says. You can only offer so much to someone, and at that point, if they are not willing to grasp the wisdom, care, or healing you are giving, then you must realize, their soul needed this experience.

We talked a while. Things neither of us just freely open up to people about. It seemed as if karma herself placed us in each others paths, a stripper and a shrink. Both passionate, both deeply loving, and both willing to open. He left his card and said, if you’re ever moved to call.

And he walked away, leaving me with a mind full of ponderings and a pocket full of $50’s.

Eve LemeurComment