A New Game


Dear Diary,


I have a new game I want to play.


I’m going to have sex with Jeremy. Legit, that’s the only way to tell if he really likes me or if he only sees me as a kid. Hopefully he has a tiny dick and I can get rid of the crush I have on him...even if he doesn’t there’s no way sex with him can live up to my fantasies. This is the perfect way to force myself to stop thinking about him.


Unless, of course, sex with him is awesome. Then, I’ll probably still be super into him but hopefully in a more physical way. I can stop hanging on his every word and start seeing him as a person. Maybe I can even go back to focusing on myself and the life I want to lead.


I haven’t thought up a plan to seduce him. Shouldn’t it be easy? I could accidentally wander in his room...”Oh, I got lost on my way to the bathroom”. Maybe I should just sleep in his bed and when he gets home from one of his trips I’ll just be there—like Surprise! Haha, I know I’m being a creep.


I could go the traditional route. Ask if he wants to get a drink, then make our way back to his room afterward...I don’t know. But I am excited just thinking about it.