Thank You for Being You...

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Dear models,

Wow! I’m really blown away by the stories you have shared recently with Valerie for our podcast and video series. I’ve listened to and watched all of them. I’m super impressed. A massive applause to all of you for making these creative projects a success.

Your stories are inspiring, insightful, and empowering. They’re also often tantalizing and humorous, thank you for the many laughs! Your stories have given an authentic and human voice to our events...and this industry as a whole. 

We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from both our male and female audience. Within a week of launching our podcast we have had 80+ comments on iTunes. Needless to say, the stories you’ve shared are creating a buzz. 

I’m so honored to have you a part of the Die Happy Tonight community. It’s real pleasure to work with such strong women. Thankyou for being you...and sharing your positive energy with so many.


DHT’s Founder 

Eve LemeurComment