A guessing game.


It was a game that made me my money last night. The act of play is something we can all relate to. Something that is an integrated part of ourselves. We love to be read, we want to get curious and be questioned. It brings us back to our youth and imagination. A game is how I succeeded this evening.

A tall man, seemingly uninterested by the entire event and feminine fiasco, stands next to me at the bar. Patiently awaiting his gin and tonic. I introduce myself seductively. Despite not wanting to be there, or harassed by anyone in a tight sheer dress with lacy lingerie.

But he appeased me. He was not a rude person.

So I asked him where he was from… he said casually “Europe.” I’ve traveled to Europe on a number of occasions so I ask, “Where? I love Europe” he says, again very casually, “Central Europe.” “You’re going to make me guess aren’t you?” “Well, I suppose if you can, but I doubt you’ll guess.” I took a few things into consideration. He said Central Europe, his accent wasn’t so intense, but it was unique yet familiar. He was a kind and polite individual. I look at him a moment and say, “Hungary?” “Exactly!”

Now he is impressed.

I’ve caught his attention and now he is mine. We discuss Budapest in detail and I can tell he misses home. Later on, he tells me he’s from a part of the city everyone’s forgot about… “can you guess this one?”

“Staten Island, of course.”

“Correct again!”
I turn to him with greater flirtation.

“Now it’s your time to guess...how many dances am I going to give you? And how much money will you empty from your pockets tonight?”


“Guess again.”


“You’re not very good at this are you?”

“Ok, ok…$300?”

“Very good...now follow me you sweet “central European” man, let me show you some New York City fun!”