In search of Adonis': The Convocation


 The time has arrived.

I was quite nervous, and I am never nervous. I didn’t know how to begin, what to wear, or how it would end. I finally have my ultimate fantasy right here, and I cannot stop shaking. The excitement and overwhelm were monstrous. I called Paul my bartender and told him to bring a bottle of his best whiskey.  I want only the finest...for my pussy and for my nerves.

Paul is the first one here. He is tall, slender, bearded, and sexy. He has this casual air to him, its as if he’s done this before, although he has told me otherwise.  He takes one look at me, laughs to himself and kisses my forehead and hands me a glass of whiskey on the rocks. I feel an immediate sense of relief.

Yet I can’t help but to think the worst. Will my other Adonis show up? Will he think it too weird to have a threesome with his former lover? Has he changed his mind? Does he not want me anymore?

These thoughts of insecurity plague my mind. I am not familiar with these self-conscious feelings. I am the woman who knows her worth, commands respect, stands up for her pleasure. But right now...I am a little girl, frightened, excited, and waiting for what comes next (hopefully me!).

This new experience, this unknown, this desire I deeply yearned to fulfill for so long…it is finally here. It is so close that I can already feel their touch on my body. It's a precipice I have yet to reach. This vulnerability is heavy, and I am opening myself up to it. To the potential for rejection, for the risk of an awkward encounter, the possible loss of a friend and a former lover.

While my head swims with these ruminations, Paul comes up behind me and starts massaging my back. He gets close and shares some affectionate touch, it is sensual, but I can tell it is coming from a deep place of love and respect. I don’t know why I’ve never hooked up with him. He embodies so much of what I want and so much of what I seek in a male partner.

Just as I am sinking into the relaxation of his strong hands and my whiskey haze, the bell rings.

It’s him, my sweet Riley. He is the opposite of Paul. Riley is broad, clean shaven, kind of nerdy, but full of intense masculine energy. The sight of him makes me wet…He conditioned me well when we were together.

Introductions are made, and more whiskey is had. We sat around smoking, drinking, and getting to know each other a little deeper.  There was no rush.

We’ve all arrived.

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