In search of Adonis': The Consummation


That night we had gone over our fetishes, our fantasies and our boundaries... everything was communicated. After a few hours of lounging and indulging and inquiring all was still. There was this contented lull that bled over the room. I was high and awash in some lazy seduction. 

Paul began massaging my back again. My eyes were closed and enjoying his hands when I feel another pair squeezing my legs. Rubbing deeply up my thighs, he stopped and squeezed at the crease where my thighs met my hips. I felt the reverberations of his touch in my pussy, I can feel it now thinking back on it.  I let out a moan. The deep, heavy touching continues, my body being worshiped and worked. Fuck massage therapists, this is the bodywork I need.

My pussy began throbbing with pleasure and my sweetness seeped down my thighs. Riley could feel the warmth and moisture as his hands glide up my thighs. I do not remember how it all unfolds, but I found myself licking Riley’s chest and pressing my ass into Paul’s cock. Things progressed and I was taken over. I no longer had control. I could not tell whose hands are on me. I was totally eclipsed by intense pleasure.

I opened my eyes to see them entranced with my body, their hands gently grazing each other from time to time. I looked over at Paul and brought his head close to Riley’s. They look at me and smile and begin making out. I crouched down to let them have space and took their hard beautiful cocks in my soft petite hands. I go between stroking and sucking and licking as their hands are both on my ass and each other. 

This game of stroke and suck, kiss and grasp, continued. There was no penetration for what seemed almost too long. I was so worked up I practically begged for it. But they refused my pleas and replace their cocks with their faces. Between my legs, they looked up at me and laughed at my almost ritualistic trance. I knew what they were doing. They know exactly how much I like to be denied, how I adore my body explore at every dip before I get fucked. They were playing the game I wanted, the game I told them about through stories of so many other affairs. 

Finally, they push me down, slide the condoms on each other and take turns fucking me…In every way possible. I am crying, I am choking, I am screaming, I am squirting, I am laughing. Emotions and sounds emerged from me I had no idea were even present.

In a moment of blissful orgasm, my mind had become still, I look at both of them and realize this was really happening. What I wanted, what I feared, what I created. 

It was the perfect gift to give to myself. A gift of the gagged, the bound, of beauty and lust.  Wet with my cum all over them, all three of us began work on pleasing and edging and erupting their waiting and wanting cocks. 

We collapsed. Utterly exhausted, inexplicably satisfied, and covered in fluids.

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