Bred into our bones.


I feel high. I am still electrified from last night… and this morning.

Mari and Ana met me at a trattoria near their apartment. We got a bottle of wine, ate olives, and shared a dessert. A proper date. Women really do know how to court you. Romance seems to be bred into our bones.

I got to know this depth they had, individually and with each other. Their love uplifted me. I felt like a tiny treasure in their story. 

We walked back to their apartment slowly. Ana took out an old rusted barrel key and open the massive blue door to a massive stone stairwell. It smelled dusty and cool, like a dried up basement. They were two floors up. A spacious apartment decorated simply. 

Everything was white except for their brightly colored pillows and throw blankets. 

We went into their room and opened the doors up to the balcony feeling the humid breeze cool our skin. 

The thing about making love with women… it’s always this gentle happening. Nothing needs to be done or achieved. It just seems to happen, gracefully. There was this encompassing tenderness. I felt like I could be theirs forever. Like I could just slip my way into their love story.

Between the wine and their intoxicating sensuality, I can’t remember how it all began. But I remember their soft skin, their coarse hair between their legs and a warm delicate scent, like brown sugar and jasmine. 

Their hands moved over me like a craft they’ve refined and shared with me. I felt cleansed. The taste of their skin was so different. Yet they complemented each other like a carefully curated pairing. 

Mari’s pussy was similar to mine. Petite inner lips surrounded by puffy, smooth outer labia, our clit’s were tucked back, but not too small and were trimmed in the shape of a wide triangle. Ana’s was more expressive and floral. Her inner lips curled from beneath the flat taught surface of her outer lips. Her clit protruded out and her color was bright. 

We admired and adored each one with our mouths, rubbing our faces into the fragrance.

By morning we were entwined within the sheets around each other. Our warm skin glistened from the humidity and the sweat we shared.

I can still feel Mari’s hands caressing my shoulders as she was being held by Ana.

A perfect trio, we three muses.

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