Innocence Lost or Knowledge Gained


Dear Diary,


I worked all day today. I guess that’s the downside of lying to your boss.


Since I told him I came to Hong Kong to help the company it only makes sense that I do some work while I’m here. My day was spent locating documents, translating documents, editing said translated documents, and forgetting to eat. I got light headed toward the end of the day.


“You should go home and rest,” Hudson said, “You work so hard.” But even though he was praising my work ethic he had that look in his eye. It wasn’t was innocent, like a boy with a crush.


It’s crazy to think we’re both in our twenties. Technically that’s so young but it feels—I feel—so much older. Like, this is the age where what we do affects the rest of our lives. That’s why Hudson is trying to build a company and I’m...what exactly am I doing? Becoming an author? Trying to cement financial security? But if that’s the case why did I run from my radio job to the strip club...and run from the strip club to Hong Kong?


Why am I always running? What exactly am I searching for??


It seems like Hudson hasn’t lost his innocence or gained the knowledge that he should run from a girl like me. I wonder when he’ll learn...