Real World Experience


Dear Diary,

Guess what? I was floating around tumbler when I came across a trend of sorts. It was of hot girls, like moi, smoking flowers and other “pretty things.” One girl literally said in her caption, “I’m too young to smoke bad things so why not smoke good things? Same effect...Different p.o.v.” I like the idea but the execution is off.


I started smoking herbs again. Not weed, but herbal tea. I need to come back to my selfhood. Besides, people say lavender tea taste like ass anyway, I’m sure it’s better to smoke or vape it. I need to ask Laura, med school Laura, if I can expect negative side effects to my health.


What else is new?


Well, I am this close to paying off my student loans...and the thought is terrifying. What am I supposed to do after my debt is paid off, actually use my degrees?? The reason I got into dancing was to pay for school. The reason I stayed was to pay off the debt I had accumulated while I was there... If I don’t have student loans, and if I don’t have school, then what do I have? All of my advisors advised against going for another degree, until I’ve gathered more “real world experience”.


What does the world away from textbooks and strobe lights look like?



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