Please, Mr. Postman.


The postman arrived today. I’ve never wanted one so bad. I was waiting for him like a double D blonde in a bad, 80’s porno. As soon as the buzzer in my apartment sounded, I almost immediately got wet. I unlock the door and skip downstairs. The UPS man stands there dropping down two different packages. I walk over, check the address and take the long rectangular package under my arms and run upstairs. I unwrap it like a five-year old fiend for Christmas. 

I’ve been waiting weeks for this to be shipped to me. She is beautiful, pearlescent in color with rose gold touches. She is heavy, long, and elegant. She is the magic wand every witch needs. She is the one and only vibrator I really actually want and need. She comes fully charged (thank god!) I clean her off, flip the switch and enjoy the deep rumbles that flow through my body up from my clitoris.

Now, just because I have a new and improved toy in my life, does not mean I will discard all of my trinkets in my velvet lined box in the corner of my room. But I must say, she brings a power to pleasure I haven’t felt yet. Her pure vibrations with the varying levels and wide range of modes bring me to a whole other level of ecstasy. Every time I place her to my clit I sky rocket, like taking a hit of the best weed on earth.

The next week the postman came again to deliver another package. I just so happen to walk out of my apartment as he is dropping another package. I smile coyly and wonder if he has any idea what I have been up to all week long since our last encounter.

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