Most Girls

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Dear Diary,

Okay, I know I have serious things to worry about (my interview that’s coming up, my other friend) but now is not the time for serious ambitions. Now is a time for the gutter. For the trivial...for the petty.


I got into one Twitter fight and one Instagram fight. Basically, there’s a girl I introduced to the game. She wasn’t slim (or pretty) enough to work at Rosewood so she works at some dump in Queens. Honestly, maybe it wasn’t her looks at all. Maybe her personality is repellant enough. Allow me to explain.


She’s one of those people who walks around in a fog of self-righteousness. Everything she does is right and good—she’s like Daenerys Targaryen with none of the talent or ability. So, she was complaining about how the Hustlers movie didn’t have enough body diversity (or something) and I snapped. It’s like, just because everyone in the movie didn’t look like you, doesn’t mean there was no diversity. Also, if they did have hella body types the movie would be unrealistic.


Anyway, we go back and forth and I complain on Twitter. This time another friend of mine (a real friend, not a fake friend) said all girls at Rosewood are “like that”. “Self-righteous, wannabe Instagram models.” I love her but its like babe, just because they didn’t hire you doesn’t mean the club sucks.


Also, some girls are Instagram models—not a wannabe in sight.



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