No Halo


I gotta get out of this labyrinth. My interview is in two days and I’ve done nothing to prepare. That’s not true, I have done something...but I haven’t done anything since I saw Jeremey and that girl.


I’m too much of a boss bitch for this shit. I’m too expensive, too valuable to cry over a fuckboy in his mid 30s (maybe if I write this enough I can actually believe it). I also can’t talk to anyone...not my girls, they would all judge me. I always say that I can’t catch feelings...the last thing I want to do is eat a big slice of humble pie.


Here’s something I’m going to admit to you and no one else: last night I had a dream me and Jeremy got married. It was beautiful. Lavish but tasteful, we had the ceremony in a church and the reception in a banquet hall. We played my favorite songs...then I gave him a lap dance in front of his parents and my aunt. Everyone looked so a sweet way.  Then I woke up.




-Your favorite alien girl,


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