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Okay Diary,


Tomorrow is the day.


I’m so glad I was able to pull myself out of that funk. I’ve gotta focus on what’s important. I may not get the outcome I want but I know, no matter what, I’ll get what I need. Besides, if my friends can break into creative industries then why can’t I??


They think I’m talented and it’s time I thought so too. At the same time I don’t want to put all of my eggs in one basket on this one. I should diversify my hope and apply to Buzzfeed or something.


Okay, so enough about potentials, let’s talk the present. Rosewood has been really good! The founder’s thinking about expanding to Miami and he wants me to come with...I’m honestly thinking about it. I love Miami, and it would only be for a few months! Then regulars would miss me.


Besides that, there’s nothing new to report. My writing’s going well, I have a new opportunity on the horizon, and life is beautiful.




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