To my past self;

To my past self;



I don’t think you’d believe me if I told you that you’d be a stripper one day. I bet you’d laugh in my face, tilt your head backwards and let a snort rip out from your lungs.


Truth be told, I’m surprised about it too.


I never thought I’d be a stripper. The little girl in me (that’s you) had bigger, better dreams. Why subject yourself to seedy people, places, and spaces, if in your heart you were set on changing the world?


You see, I want you to hold on tight to those dreams. However small or outlandishly big they are. On your bad nights, I want you to remember that there’s a reason why you’re here. Through the foggy haze after a storm, there will be clarity. Hold tightly to those dreams, because they’ll keep you afloat. There are people who might kill your spirit, but they can never touch your hopes, your visions, your resilience.


I’m writing you to tell you that when you’re feeling lost, the answer’s already within you.


I want to remind you that wherever you are, you are powerful beyond imaginable.


Remember that when you go to bed, you are at peace with your soul. You treat others how you’d want to be treated; no one is beneath you. They stand next to you.


The little girl in you remembers that if everyone held hands and worked together, that the world would be a better place.


You may ask what the fuck this hippie-dippy shit has to do with being a stripper.



Absolutely nothing.


This letter is just a reminder of your potential. That you need not be misled or swayed by the opinions of others. Everything you need for growth is within you. You will come across some ill-intentioned people, but it’s okay. Know that your own growth is what’s important, and that some people choose to live an incredibly stunted life.


After all, wouldn’t it suck if his doctor recognized him as “that asshole from eight years ago who tried to finger her and haggled her over a $20 dance?”


Remember that even if you feel powerless now, that one day your skills, your drive, your passion will be sought out and recognized. That regardless of the current ebbs and flows of life, you are a gift to the world.



Take that and run with it, my love.

Go fucking change the world.

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