Promise of Again.

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I received a lovely surprise yesterday. The handsome, bearded man from Ecuador I met a month ago has returned. He came looking for me at the club on my usual Wednesday night hustle. I had just finished a dance with a rather dull financier, one of the first of the night. There I was, sitting at the bar where he had found me last. I could smell a familiar scent of brandy and vanilla. I felt a grasp at my hip and turned to see him looking down at me with his blue eyes. He whispered in my ear, “I’ve come to take you away.”

The sound of his rich, deep, woody voice made my pussy swell. At that moment, with his voice in my ear and his arm around me tight, I had no will of my own. I was in surrender to his desires. He told me where to meet him and not to change from what I was wearing. He kissed my cheek, turned and left. I was paralyzed, unable to move my gaze from where he had just been. Lost in such a sudden rush of oxytocin and dopamine, I wondered if I was adrift in a daydream. My obedience to him usurped my confusion. I grabbed my jacket, draped it over my nearly nude body, and walked out the door.

I met him at this rooftop lounge a few blocks away. It seemed to amuse him to see me trembling in my lace dress beneath my long, velvet, trench coat. He let me suffer briefly before warming me with his large hands. We ordered a drink and sat beside one of the steel patio heaters and watched as the night grew. There was this delightfully cocky air about his accomplishment. He would slip his hand beneath my jacket to slowly squeeze up my thigh, teasing me with the pressure of each fingertip. He knew he had succeeded thus far, in his evening's goal. We casually drank our cocktails with a few brief, salacious interludes when the servers disappeared. This pattern continued into our intoxication, on the cab ride to the penthouse, and submerged in the concrete freestanding bathtub. We spent the evening traversing different pleasures, from wet to restricted. We fucked in every room of the penthouse until we fell asleep on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Morning came, and we shared coffee and pastries in sweet and silent repose. He left with a promise of again, a check to my landlord for three months rent, and my magnified thirst for his love.

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