Drown out the noise.

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Have you ever committed to something until the bitter end? Have you ever held on to an idea you believe in beyond when it was shiny and new? Or do you just get passionate for a week or two tops and then move on to the next diversion? What sucks is when you do that with the things that you love. You tell me that maybe 'you're just not passionate about it anymore' and I'm like "What?" Is there a law that says that you should be in the "honeymoon phase"... past the honeymoon phase? Passion is a commitment. Awww, fuck. Cliches again. I'm sorry, but you're seriously gonna make me do this? I have to "afternoon special" your ass right now? Come on! You know you're SUPPOSED to reach a plateau at some point! Then... you're supposed to work through the plateau! You know all of this! That's how you make extraordinary things appear, remember? Is there ANYTHING you have that kind of commitment to? French fries don't count. The thing you're OBSESSED about is what people call "purpose". And you will only start to know the enjoyment that "it" brings when you reject your previous dysfunctions and start working again towards your destiny until it's back to fever pitch. Go! (Btw, the girl in the photo rejected me at first. I asked again. Then she said ok. I asked her why she changed her mind. She said she wanted to see if I really wanted it.)

Nuni Snowden