Little exhibitionist.


I went to Central Park today. The spring has seduced me. After months of dark, wet, misery...and some hot, dirty sex to help me get skin was begging for the touch of the sun. It’s a day like this that impels me to slip into intoxication, falling prey to my desires. I had my little red dress on over my naked body, and I left my panties at home. I wanted to feel the warmth everywhere. I lay back on the blanket, my cold white wine in a little jar next to me, while I smoke my joint. Inhaling the smoke sensually, like it is the aroma of a lover, I slowly open my thighs to feel the soft cool breeze. No one sees, but the thought of someone watching my parting legs beneath my short dress excites me. I take a sip and indulge my little exhibitionist.

- Eve

DiaryEve Lemeur