Salacious admirations.


I remember my first night at DHT. I was introduced to this club by a friend who worked here. She saw I needed a change and knew exactly how to lure me in. I entered this dark and luxurious space, packed with men in nice suits and women in tight dresses. I went into the dressing room, shy and curious about what the girls would be like. I discovered a room filled with gorgeous models, laughing with each other as they clasp their 5-inch heels wearing nothing but tiny lace thongs. These women were kind, funny, smart. These women were my peers, just clad in sexy lingerie. It aroused me to see them prowl the room, seductively resting upon beautifully upholstered chaise lounges. It was an elegant place to play, dripping in sensuality, and the men, they wanted us all. There were tables of wealthy men with bottles of champagne, one of them called me over and bought dances for everyone at his table. They took turns relishing the movements of my body as the others admired salaciously. That night I went home with a new job and a stack weighing me down.

Eve LemeurComment