"Good Vibes Only" Summer Tour 2018

summer tour flyer.jpg

It's time to break free from the daily grind to enjoy some fun in the sun. We will be traveling throughout New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Nevada over the next few months for our "Good Vibes Only" summer tour. Champagne bottles will pop, cannabis will be passed, dancing till the sun begins to rise and new friendships made. Arrive ready to celebrate life to the fullest. There are no judgements and no rule book this summer, other than respect the amazing women. Our premier parties will be hosted at our very own summer oasis in Cold Spring. It will be a place to unwind and let loose. All of our events this summer are  ticketed and are available to sponsor/buyout. For our summer calendar, click here. Members, be sure to use your discount code when purchasing tickets/passes for 50% off.

Here's to good vibes only this summer.

- K (DHT Founder)


p.s. They say life is only fully experienced beyond your comfort zone. Step outside with us this summer. Do something radical this summer. Make love under the stars with someone special... or someone you just met. Dance till the sunrises...naked. Buy that bike/convertible/jeep you've always wanted and drive it across the Country. Join an entirely new community of people at Burning Man. Whatever you do, do it with a clear mind and do it now. Don't wait till it's too late.


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