Loving wherever I can.


My lover has left. I am an independent woman, I have goals I am accomplishing one by one, so the distraction of a relationship at this time may just be too much for me. But how I love my many adonis'. How I long for those days that they come with their visits from homes from all over the world. How I live for the trips they bring me on, the food we eat. Oh, and all the sex we have. I need to be nourished. My heart, my body, my belly! Bring me to Sicily to eat and I am yours forever. Whisk me to Iceland for hot springs and sky watching, I’ll be your best friend. I have a treasure chest full of my little beauties. Each one special, loving, and sexy. It makes me sad to see my lover go, I’ll miss his laugh, our dinners together, his cock. But for now, I continue to create and thrive, and get my loving when and wherever (Greece next!) I can!

Eve LemeurComment