Northern Aegean winds.


The white rocks of Sarakiniko have an elegance and seduction I've never known. Cerulean thrusts into it’s beautiful smooth curves. Nature is sex. I stand above this wonder in a black dress that contrasts this stark environment. My naked body beneath buzzes with the sheer power of this energy. The existence of places like this is why I breathe. On top of these rocks, the strong northern Aegean winds are merciless. Braced against the etesian, it blows between my legs and up my body. As I play with the gusts, the light cotton fabric of my long black dress floats up and over my face, so I let the wind have it’s fun. With a few behind me having the pleasure of witnessing this landscape. The blue waves, the white curves, the black dress...and my beautiful ass.

Eve Lemeur1 Comment