Is It Wrong To Like Nice Things?

Dear Diary,

         A wise woman once said, “Happiness is the same price as red bottoms.” I speak of none other than the modern-day philosopher that is Ariana Grande. While I am just kidding, I did want to update you on my trip to Dubai and my new friend Mickey. I just got back to the Village today.

         I think I mentioned that we met during a slow night at the club. It was so weird because his friend Carl was acting super awkward and Mickey was staring at me even though his so-called friend was sitting next to him the whole time. Eventually, Carl asked Mickey if he wanted to talk to me and Mickey’s mouth said “yes”, and his face said “finally.” I didn’t mind talking to him because he was cute—but I didn’t plan on giving him my number. We danced together all night.

         He is so charming its annoying. I always like being in control of my mind and my body. But with him its different, it’s like he’s in control. He dominates parts of my body and mind that no one has before. It’s kind of scary...I wish I didn’t like it.

         The first time we had sex he tied me up and fucked me standing. He had me bent over his bed, zipped tied to the frame and he fucked me so hard...and so good...I was dripping, and I came so much. He’s only the second guy to make me cum during sex (Aakara was the first but let’s not talk about him). To be honest...he made me cum during our dance together too. I don’t even know why, all he did was touch my nipples and kind of hold my back while I grinded against him. Something about made me feel like I was his.

         After we had sex I hung out at his place and he mentioned—casually—that he was flying to Dubai (Emirates, First Class) and he needed a date for his brother’s wedding. He said it like it was no big deal, and I guess, to him, it isn’t. I told him I couldn’t take that much time away from the club (this city is expensive, and I don’t make that much freelancing). He said it was not a problem and told me to tell him how much I usually make in a week.

         I said, “Why, are you going to make sure I’m covered for the week?”

         And he said, “No. I’m going to make sure you’re covered for two weeks.”

         He said it so casually, the way he always does. So...yeah, that’s why I spent last week in Dubai. I guess I have a new friend.

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