Hit or Miss? I Bet I Never Miss.


Dear Diary,

 I’m trying to be a good person, but my roommate makes it soooo difficult.

 To start, she is such a jealous human being and you can’t help but want to screw with people like that. Even when I’m not trying to mess with her, she gets huffy and defensive when I mention the smallest bit of good news  I’ve received. You want examples? Don’t worry, I have examples!

 One time me, Amy, and Jessica had brunch at the Ritz Carlton because Amy’s sugar daddy was staying in the city on a business trip and he told Amy she could charge whatever she wanted to the room. Okay, so we have brunch and its chill and I was so relaxed I tell my roommate afterward. I thought she’d think it was cool because she’s a sugar baby and she has a few sugar daddies herself.

 Not the case at all.

 She acted so weird. It was like a combination of hurt, longing, and rage crossed her face. It freaked me the fuck out. At the same time, I was mad because we live together and I always act happy for her when she tells me random shit that happens to her. It’s not my fault she’s 33 and pissed at where her life is—it’s like how does a 23 year old have more maturity than you? It’s not supposed to happen like that...

 Anyway, there’s this guy who wants to be my sugar daddy so he came to Rosewood and surprised me with some Manolo sandals and Prada sunglasses. Like I said, I’m trying to be a good person.

 But I left them on the couch for my roommate to see.

Nuni SnowdenComment