Secret Savage


Dear Diary,


I met someone yesterday. His name is Karl and he has a girlfriend. That’s okay because—technically—I have a boyfriend. We could wait until we’ve both broken up with our significant others, but where’s the fun in that?


I hate to be a savage but...just kidding! I love being heartless, it beats getting your heart broken by a mile. Besides, he said she and him were almost done anyway. At this point it’s almost a technicality, they have a few more months on their lease, then they’re going their separate ways. I didn’t give him as many details about Johnny, I mean why should I? He doesn’t need to know. And it’s nice having a secret.


I think I earned a shopping spree. Some new babbles would brighten up my work desk, and the trip would shake out some of the cob webs that have been plaguing my writing. Who knows? Maybe after my shopping trip I’ll be able to write about something besides the love/hate relationship I have with the men in my life. A friend of mine just completed an artist’s residency in Hong Kong, maybe I should do that?


In any case, I should start packing for Coachella. Karl wants to take me with him, he and his friends have a VIP tent with space for one more. I think he’s new money, this could be fun.



Nuni SnowdenComment