A maddening cycle.


How they want you to deal with them 101.

  • Smile.

Always smile, never let them see your truth, your sadness, your concern

  • Touch sweetly, touch often, back off.

Affection escalates your desirability. Touch when you are able to, touch as much as you can. Wade through a series of “do not linger, do not cling to my arm, do not be too needy.”

  • Get ahold of yourself.

  • Give them what they want, do not ask, do not deny.

They will let you know when the time is right. Although it is your job, your profession, it is them who are the experts. Listen and trust. They always give you what you deserve, and remember please, “don’t make this about money, baby”

  • Give them more of what they want, when they want. You’ll thank them.

  • Take what you can get, leave them alone. Repeat

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