“I bet you gave your teachers a really hard time.”  Then he rolled over and kissed me on the cheek.


I rolled my eyes, “You act like I’m so much younger than you. You’re barely ten years older than me.”


“Ten years and three months.”


Again, I rolled my eyes. “So what?”


He stared at the ceiling, “We’re in different generations.”


“Oh no! Well, I guess we can’t get married then, huh?” I think he laughed at the sarcasm in my voice. “Besides, age and time are arbitrary constructs. The only value they have is what we place on them.”


“Spoken like a member of Gen Z.”


I hit him with a pillow.


“Who just turned 22.”


“I’m 23 you asshole.” But even as I said it, I climbed on top of him and covered his mouth with mine. I was getting bored of our conversation.