Miracles Happen Everyday

Dear Diary,


It’s almost 2am and I should go to sleep. But I had this idea and I needed to write it down, so it solidifies. My idea, no my declaration is this: I am done rushing through my life. Yes, I have goals I want to achieve (who doesn’t?) but that doesn’t mean I need to hurry up and achieve them. It’s like I was trying to check everything off my list before experiencing some unforeseen doom in my near future.


I’m done with that. I’m done planning for every potential awful outcome. I’ve been given one life. It’s a gift I didn’t earn but nonetheless I received. Life is something to be cherished, not feared and raced through. My race is over, with this pen I write my manifesto. I declare my intentions and I set my goal, one that is so simple it can be difficult to hold.


I’m going to chase my dreams, even when it scares me. Even when it’s impractical, even when I know statistically my time may be better spent elsewhere. They say luck is chance meets preparation, an opportunity partially earned. It’s like you never know when and where luck will strike so I may as well chase my dreams and be as prepared as possible for the perfect opportunity. Because miracles happen every day; why shouldn’t they happen to me too?