In search of Adonis': The desire.


There are not many things I will not try. And certainly, few that are new to me. My willingness, some have said, is my best quality. My eagerness to explore and expand is an instinct that runs deep. My desire to be pleasured is one that rules my world.

My sexual experiences are always quite varied. I have a taste for a little bit of everything and a hunger for anything. My stories of passionate affairs and kinky escapades have kept me company for quite some time now. But there has always been one adventure I've longed immensely to embark upon. A fantasy of mine since the moments I began expanding my intimate repertoire. It has been to be ravished in a threesome by two sexy men. Despite having multiple lovers at once, despite having many threesomes, I’ve never been loved by more than one man at a time.

I WANT! I want them both to be at my disposal. I want them both to be infatuated with me and I want them both to obey my every command. I want to be fucked until I cannot speak, I want to make them do things they've been too timid to attempt. I want them on their knees. The will worship. They will me feel like the most brilliant woman alive.

This not-so-secret desire of mine is loud. This dream I have has been building and I can no longer pass it by, I can no longer pretend like it is not the most prominent thought that rolling from between my thighs.

So I refuse to. I will seek out the perfect men, I’ll seduce them into submission, and I will retrieve my fantasy. Filled, fine, and fancy.