An Accidental Orgasm


Dear Diary,


Today I had an accidental orgasm. It was so weird; I didn’t even like the guy. A few girls have told me before that this happens and I always thought wow, you’re a weirdo. Like, who comes accidentally and because of someone you’re not even attracted sounds like those lame perv excuses. You know when some guy on the train is like, oops—I accidentally grabbed your ass, my mistake, the subway is so crowded.


That’s what it sounds like when some girl tells me, in secret and always with a twinkle in her eye, OMG that old guy made me cum. I’m not kink shaming or anything, it’s just like if you were horny and the old guy turns you on, just admit it and move on.


Everyone wants to come, right? There’s no shame in it...then why am I finding it so hard to talk about? Even right now diary, I’m almost disappointed in myself. I think I’m so in control of my body, but every so often I’m reminded that I’m not. Are we all human animals?


I think what’s really pissing me off is that the guy was disgusting. Not physically but mentally. He was a total MAGA nut job and when I asked him if he wanted to dance, he said, “Oh, I don’t know about that sweetheart. I wouldn’t want to scare you.”


Scare me?


It took twenty-four minutes to convince him to do a few songs with me and I’m not including the time spent waiting for our drinks to arrive—the drinks he insisted on getting before we go...maybe that’s what I liked. For all his bravado, he seemed nervous at times. At least, he was before we went to the back room.


In the back room he was in control. I almost fell backward when he grabbed my ass and pulled me over his lap. He spanked me and grabbed my tits and I’ve never felt so alive. So on fire, so controlled. I came in five minutes. I made a small spot on his new pants—not that he minded. In fact, he tipped me a little extra. Still, I’m pissed I gave that human RNC convention the satisfaction.


I guess I should masturbate before I go to work from now on.