In search of Adonis': The Discovery.


I’ve finally succeeded! It has been weeks upon weeks of manifesting, searching, and interviewing men (unbeknownst to them). Both in the bed and out. I scoured tinder, I discussed with old lovers and new friends. I found some who wanted to satisfy me but not my goal. I found some who would gladly welcome another but wanted all their focus to be on my body solely. I found a few who were willing and of those less who met my standards.

And then I found my men.

In a last-ditch effort that I reached for the phone and dialed the number of a former lover from years ago. A lover who keeps in touch with the most delightfully dirty details then disappears into thin air. When he answered, I had no time for pleasantries. I’ve been searching long enough and have little patience to go through the flirtations. So I opened it up with, “I want to be fucked... By you and another man. And I want you two to explore each other.”

“Babe, I’ve been waiting for you to call! I’ll do anything for that perfect pussy of yours.”

Just the response I was looking for! I found one and now just seeking one more. This time it wasn’t a love from the past, and it wasn't a creep from a dating app. It was the bartender that serves me my martini every Friday evening before I meet up with my clients, subs, and slaves. He’s known me for a year. We’ve shared coy smiles and discussed the many aspects of our work. This time he was asking me about my newest clients and my next goals. I told him, “Well, funny you ask because I’m trying to find a second man to fuck me in my dream threesome.” He stops polishing the glass, looks at me and says, “I’m not sure if you know that I am bi, and I find you very attractive. So, if this guy is hot and you would have me, I would be happy to fulfill this wish.” A smile slinked upon his face. Without missing a beat I pull up a picture, confidently.  

He puts down two shot glasses pours us his favorite whiskey and we rejoice in this deviant adventure to come.

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