What would happen then?


I adore my dear friend. I visit her every chance I get. She lives in Spain so it is always either the first or the last place I go. I make sure my trips include a few days with her, wherever she is. Her name is Catrina, people call her Cat. I call her my precious little puss. She is tall, wild hair that has golden highlights from her days filled with the ocean sun. She has a slight gap in her teeth, high-arched eyebrows, a beautiful full body and a brain I could devour. Her intelligence and emotional attunement are the things I most admire and adore about her. 

We first met at a bar and instantly went through a portal. We shared everything we could, laughed, and even cried a bit. We got so emotionally vulnerable with each other. I swear no drugs were involved! (Well...weed is ALWAYS involved!). I felt like I met a soulmate. 

We never truly separated although we share distance between us. We have always been so innately connected.  She is a part of me, as family is, she is in my heart as lovers are. Every visit I have and each intimate moment I share with her feels as if it is imbued with an intoxicant that only prolongs and exacerbates my love and admiration for her. And then I wonder...what if? What if we fell for each other? What if we gave ourselves permission to be completely here for each other? What if we crossed that boundary, what if we could love each other physically as we do spiritually? What would happen then… what would happen to us?

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