Discovery Part II.

We spent over an hour discussing the dynamics of our relationships, what our interests were, and where we liked to travel. It seemed that we had more in common with this couple than just our affinity for overt public affection. I could tell they had been alone in their world for quite some time, as have we on our travels. I could sense their lust and growing desire to reach out and to touch. So, I took my hand and placed it on her leg as I laughed at one of her clever quips. I saw the look of surprise and curiosity that overcame her. As if she had been waiting for this the entire time. It was a subtle and fleeting glance, but it struck me with great force. She was communicating something to me in that brief moment.

Time had passed and the sun had set. They invited us to their apartment for dinner and dessert. We bought the wine and walked up a steep hill to their apartment overlooking the small northern beach of Paros. We sat on their balcony admiring the colors the ocean reflected back to us. On our second bottle of wine and our third hour together, silent stares and sweet smiles began to escalate. We all knew why we were here. We knew what we had been starved of: the touch of a stranger and the conversation of a new friend.

With wine-stained lips, she approached me softly, she placed her hand over mine, leaned in, and kissed me. The warm air blew against my lips, wet with her tongue, as my man grabbed me from behind, biting my neck and caressing her face. Never before have I had so many hands grasping at my curves, never so many mouths exploring my skin. I was lost in sensation. Encapsulated within these embraces, it seemed as if they had no other interest outside of drowning me in their desire. I was fucked, kissed, spanked. My face sat upon and my throat filled. I couldn’t decipher where my body began and from whom I was receiving. I was found, in the pleasure of strangers, in the presence of my love, and in the satisfaction of my own deviant desires. I had brought this erotically charged couple to my man as an offering of love, and they gave themselves to me, as a fulfillment of my fantasies.

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