Discovery Part I.

We discovered a couple on the beach during our last days on the Island. They enchanted us, even from afar, and we were feeling carnivorous. We were methodical in our approach. We sat nearby with a bottle of wine and some olives from the market. We observed their mannerisms, this air of completely relaxed arousal that was created between the two pulled us in deeper. It only turned us on more, made our curiosity grow, and our fantasies run. Indulged in their love, I began to stroke my lovers thigh. Squeezing my way up to find his beautiful cock strong and pulsing with desire. We wanted more than just quiet admiration. So I prepared an offering. I rolled up a spliff as my man kissed my neck, gently turning me on to send me off. I licked the paper, then his lips, and made my way toward the two. He gave my ass a soft pat, in a gesture that said, ‘good luck.’ I walked over to them, with my smile, and my big eyes, as though perhaps I could hypnotize them into falling for us. I asked if they had a lighter (despite having matches in my bag). Being this close to them I felt alive with excitement, yet timid in their presence. I wondered if they would know why I've come. I light the spliff and asked if they would like to join us for a smoke. I must have been quite ardent in my inquiry because they giggled before accepting the offer. I returned to my lover with two very attractive people and a devious smile.

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