A space for Illumination.

I love what I do. I am a healer in many ways. Men come to me to enliven them, to assist with their fantasies and to elevate them to a level they may fear to ask for otherwise. This industry is a space of shadow, of secrecy, of vulnerabilities, desires, and fantasies, and us women, we are the muse, the witches, the healers, and lovers. We are the facilitators of this sacred space. Many do not realize the real work we do, the weight we carry. I refuse to let anyone assume anything, to label us as sluts, inauthentic, greedy. What we create is far from inauthentic, we create genuine connections, our space allows vulnerabilities to be seen, and shadows to be loved. What is so powerful about our work, is that we are able to bring something unexpected, share a lesson and a moment that some of our men would not otherwise receive. We are able to use our allure, something we’ve been ostracized about, to bring wealth and power to ourselves, and intimacy to others. It is deeper than erotic entertainment, it is much more than finessing a trick, we are the mistresses of this art, we have the key to these hidden desires. In a world where sexuality is still (unbelievably so) taboo, and men fear conversing and processing the pain and imprinted habits, this is one of the few spaces where conversations can be had without the fear of being called out, demonized, and be dubbed a predator. It is a space where they will speak their minds and also listen, it is a space to share ideas, to be able to have open conversations with women and for us to share our wisdom with them. As shrouded in mystery and darkness as this industry can be, it’s actually a space for illumination. So when I stand up for myself, I am standing up for all the women, healers, and hustlers out there. We are the undercover agents of change, so I invite those men to come to my house of erotic truths and healing. We do much more than “seduce and destroy” we shed light and uplift.

Eve LemeurComment